White sugar

Printing plates, print preparation and print are charged 150,00kn per colour (single payment). Printing possible in maximum 4 colours and 4 packet sizes.

Sugar is packed in high quality paper, type Carta Bianca T4, 40+15 gr/m2 PE matt te Sigma Kraft RTC 45+15 gr/m2 PE shiny.

Packaging possible form 3 to 7 gr. per single packet. Packets are packaged in transport boxes of 1000 or 2000 counts.

Reliable customers on holiday occasions receive a certain amount of white sugar free of charge.

Price per packet of 4 g: 0,045 kn
Price per packet of 5 g: 0,055 kn
Quantities and rebate: above 20 000 counts we apply additional rebate
Logo: up to 4 colours

Note: VAT to be added to the above prices