About us

TRIPLEKS is a company for packaging and sale of granulated sugar and has been on the market since July, 1999. Since then he has gained the trust of a large number of clients, including the largest and best of Zagreb restaurants, as well as leading businesses throughout Croatia.

In this short period we have developed into a stable and high quality company with a clear strategy: meeting the needs of all the customers in every respect.

Advertising is nowadays an essential means of communication with the consumer, while a clearly expressed visual identity makes an integral part of marketing of any business. Restaurant and bars industry shouldn’t lag behind these trends. Therefore, having your own logo on a sugar packet is not only a matter of prestige, but also evidence that your business is closely linked to the identity you want to achieve in the market.

TRIPLEKS offers an excellent and fast service at reasonable prices, and your order will be delivered within one day. This will allow for an easy and relaxed day-to-day activity based on the knowledge that you can rely on us to provide quality service at any time.

Please, contact us without hesitation as well as other restaurant owners, hotels, packaging plants, companies and entrepreneurs.

We work under strict H.A.C.C.P. system